The Greying Of America: Keeping Aging Families Connected in their Homes

By 2050, the number of people over the age of 65 in the United States will more than double. This boomer generation is not only older, but wealthier than previous generations. Aging boomers are not interested in elderly care facilities, they want to stay in their homes.

Over the next two decades, the United States will see a shift in the way it manages elder care as a society. Shifting from an infantilization of elders, to one that centers around empowerment and dignity.

As the boomer generation bring in the greying of America, their children and caregivers are placed with the burden of safely managing their care while respecting their parent’s wishes. For this sandwich generation, managing the expectation of parents and society is overwhelming, frustrating, and lacks empathy.

Certain technology based monitoring systems have entered into this space, but lack the empathy needed to truly provide a solution.

Altitude’s new concept project, Firefly, augments and enhances the ways families communicate. It empowers aging parents and caregivers all over the country to stay connected as a family.

With Firefly, a simple and discrete wristband keeps family members connected – symbolically and through technology. The device monitors elderly parents, non intrusively keeping a close eye on important vitals in a simple and effective way.

At the heart of Firefly is Firebot, Artifical Intelligence that monitors, analyzes, and serves up information when appropriate. From displaying pictures of loved ones, sent through text message or the Firefly app, the Firebot helps everyone stay connected and informed.

In the comfort of home.

Check out more about Firefly and how it works here.

Gretchen Hoffman

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Gretchen Hoffman

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