Smart Connected IoT Leaders are Changing the Future

Consumers are fusing their physical and digital worlds to achieve the best experience they have come to expect. For example, have you ever gotten lost in an unfamiliar place? You just open maps on your smartphone. Itching for the latest news or gossip? Simply jump on social media and scroll through your feed.

There’s been a profound shift in the relationship between consumers and the products they use every day and it’s being forged by smart connected capabilities, amplified by the Internet of Things. And leaders in this space are changing the future.

Altitude, an Accenture-owned design and innovation consulting firm, and Leadtail, a B2B social media agency, put together a report profiling 40 Internet of Things Leaders to Connect with on Social Media to help you uncover the latest insights.

Let me share some of the highlights from this report:

Delivering smart, connected products requires expertise throughout the product development chain – so it follows that IoT leaders can be found in R&D, design, engineering, marketing, communications, and community management roles. And those folks have a variety of publications they frequent for IoT news – publications you should consider following as well, including:

And these 40 IoT leaders frequently explore the nearly transparent integration of the digital and physical worlds, one so deeply woven in our existence that consumers hardly give a thought to the products, services, and technology that make these experiences possible. Simple interfaces and seamless connectivity are taken for granted in our modern life.

Companies are feeling the shift between physical and digital, too. Product organizations in particular are faced with existential questions like: what is it we sell? What do our customers find meaningful? And what does that mean for our business model?

We can see in social that major strides in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have broadened the IoT conversation to include not only the technical challenges of connecting billions of devices, but how ”smart” devices can create new business and service models.

And then there are the folks who influence the influencers! These thought leaders share first-hand IoT experiences that are informative, entertaining and essential reading for any businesses thinking of entering the smart connected space:

When your company is ready to make the #IoT shift, be smart (and connected) by viewing the rest of our new report and having it available to share with your decision-makers. Download “40 Internet of Things Leaders to Connect with on Social Media” here. And feel free to reach out with any questions!

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