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  • 10.30.14

Wired: America’s Polling Places Desperately Need a Redesign

Election officials must often hastily assemble polling places for the rare voting days. They get no do-overs. What’s surprising is how much this contrasts with the modeling and iterative design tools used to design public spaces like stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and medical facilities. Retail designers have resources to exhaustively plan, prototype, and field test every detail before opening day. Sight lines are tuned within inches so that customers instinctively know how to navigate such spaces, eliminating the need to read signage—hand-scrawled or otherwise. We should apply the same thinking to voting places.

Read more of author Ted Selker’s thoughtful consideration of the voting process in America as featured on Wired, where Altitude’s Tom Burchard is quoted and named as a pioneer of the commercial space design field.