Innovation Strategy Uncovers Unforeseen Opportunities

The companies who often have surprising yet obvious success at innovating, are the ones who consider their innovation strategy before jumping into ideation and product development. It is the focus on getting your innovation strategy right, that uncovers unexpected opportunities and helps you decide where to play.

Let’s look at 4 companies – Ball Canning, DeWalt, Jarden Consumer Solutions, and the U.S. Military –  whose innovation strategy brought them down a path to success, albeit sometimes an unexpected path through disruptive innovation.

Ball Canning – Ball Canning turned to Altitude to address the uncovered opportunity to capitalize on the renewed interest in canning by Millennials, who were exploring canning both as a way to save money and to preserve fresh and healthy food. Altitude and Ball Canning partnered to create a dynamic new device to automate the process, taking out the fear and guesswork of canning while maintaining the connection to previous generations.

DeWalt – This leading professional power-tool manufacturer came to Altitude seeking a new cutting-edge power tool. We partnered to review new ways we could use innovation strategy to design game-changing products with longer-term impact. The DeWalt Worksite Radio came to be and sold 1.5 million units the first year, making it the best product launch in DeWalt’s history.

Jarden Consumer Solutions – Jarden and Altitude partnered to create one of the most successful new small appliance categories in the last several decades: products designed to serve as the center of great home parties. But before Margaritaville, a high end blender and party conversation piece, was designed and created, Altitude got into the heads of party throwers and worked with Jarden to review their innovation strategy and belief that they just needed “a new blender”. This led to Margaritaville which became a $300M product line thanks to a deep understanding of the customer and the knowledge of how to gain adoption of this new premium-priced home frozen-drink maker.

U.S. Military – Altitude works with the U.S. Military and, in this case, the work focused on behavior change. An innovative strategy was needed to encourage a large population of service members to eat healthier and live more actively. A set of design principles were developed for use in designing a behavior change system.

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