Innovation & Design Thinking Leaders are Creating the Future

Businesses and people need to change to survive or the world will pass them by. Design Thinkers and Innovation Leaders are often put in challenging situations as they seek to find disruptive opportunities and then capitalize on new ideas to help move change in the right direction. Successful innovation strategy leads companies down a path towards a bright future especially if they are seeking to differentiate themselves in a market, want to transform their business or need to resurrect their product or service offering. And importantly, Design Thinkers are ensuring the user and their needs are at the center of the concepting and design process.

What are these Design Thinkers and Innovation Leaders talking about so they can continue to impact the future?

Altitude, a design and innovation consulting firm, and Leadtail, a social media agency, put together a report to profile 40 of these most influential Design Thinkers and Innovators to help you gain insight into what they are saying on social media.  Get our new report, 40 Design Thinkers + Innovators to Connect with On Social Media.

Our new infographic is also available to highlight the analysis of the 28,000 tweets from the Design Thinkers and Innovators to give a closer look into the mindset of what makes their users happy. The total 118 design thinking professionals analyzed had a reach of 383,652 social users.


The infographic shares the highlights of the report: how they describe themselves, what hashtags they are using and what they are reading.

Social media is all about connecting – especially with like-minded people in your industry who can teach and inspire you. We hope the infographic and our new report, 40 Design Thinkers + Innovators to Connect with On Social Media, offers insights to help you set a successful path for future success through innovation and human-centered design.

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Gretchen Hoffman

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