Innovating Beyond the Package: A Lesson on Customer Experience

Red soda can package

Altitude CEO Dan Ostrower spoke at the Food and Technology Innovation Forum in Chicago, urging R&D teams to think more holistically about the customer experience they’re trying to deliver, not the product itself.

If you think about the end goal (to make a hole) rather than the tool that currently creates it (a drill), you might think up something radical, instead of inventing a slightly better drill bit, he said.

Keurig is a great example of this philosophy in the food and beverage sphere, while the Margaritaville mixed drink maker (which allows you to make your own cocktails with the push of a button) also meets consumer demands for a high-quality, but fun customer experience when making cocktails for friends or parties.

The Ball FreshTECH home canning machine, meanwhile, enables Millenials to feel warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic by doing something their parents or grandparents did, but in a convenient way.

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Or watch the presentation below.

Innovating Beyond the Package from Altitude Inc. on Vimeo.

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