Industrial Design at Its Finest: Creating Consumer Excitement

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It’s all about design. My family is obsessed with the BMW’s MINI Cooper design. When we lived in San Francisco we had what seemed like an explosion of them over a short span of years—or perhaps it just seemed that way as our obsession meant we noticed them everywhere. We marveled at the small size, because it would fit into more parking spots in our city than our truck ever could. And as we passed small spots, the kids would declare, “Our Cooper (we don’t have) would have fit there.”

BMW’s MINI Cooper design is industrial design at its finest. Beyond its compact size, it’s also notable for the wide range of colors available and the amazing internal design, offering so much space in this small car. The engine and wheel placement makes this space illusion possible. And you can bet every inch of it was rethought many times over. Topping it off, the car looks classy. It differentiates from other compact economy cars, which scrimp on form and focus on function, particularly those with a “functional design” focused solely on saving gas.

And MINI Cooper isn’t alone in this “fine industrial design” category. Here are some others and how they arrived at an exceptional user-focused end product:

AS&E – AS&E and Altitude created the world’s first handheld Backscatter X-ray imaging system, which is easy to use, while having the dependability and accuracy of an expert tool. They used the industrial design process to give the new-to-the-world industrial product the functionality and feel of a high-end consumer good.

As the design development began, it was clear that the interaction with this device would have to be tailored to its specific function, and could not be derived from other products on the market. And it needed an innovative design that would make it both viable for the market and able to be manufactured at a high volume, while retaining the level of precision required for portable devices of this kind. So Altitude set out to design all ergonomics, use cases, and technical solutions from the ground up. The result, as you can see, exceeded expectations.

Vocollect – Altitude and Vocollect have transformed an industry, helping companies optimize their supply chain performance with wearables that offer ergonomic, hands-free, voice-centric warehouse control. This faster, more efficient delivery using wearable scanners and headsets was an industry first – and it met the unique needs of warehouse workers while accelerating Vocollect’s growth. It was an unexpected win that revolutionized the space.

Witricity – Witricity and Altitude designed and developed the auto industry’s most efficient and flexible high powered Electric Vehicle (EV) Wireless Charging System. How? Much like the other success stories mentioned above, they executed an industrial design process focused on creating the optimal user experience.

Creating the next best seller is not always the goal. Consumer expectations for a delightful experience are higher than ever so designing products for the best experience is key to success.

If you would like to discuss your industrial design needs, please do contact us. We would love to explore ways we can help you to turn those challenges into game changing opportunities.

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