How Innovative Design Changed the Game for These Companies

Brands like AS&E, Thermo Scientific and Margaritaville understand that putting their customers at the center of innovation has financial upside. Doing so leads to new products and innovative design that delights customers. Working with Altitude, they sought to discover unmet needs and produce innovative design, separating themselves from their competition and leading to new growth.

Here’s how:

AS&E: How do you create a totally new-to-the world industrial product, while giving it the functionality and feel of a high-end consumer good? AS&E and Altitude created a breakthrough innovative design: the world’s first handheld X-ray imaging system, which is easy and intuitive to use, while having the dependability, accuracy and ruggedness of an expert tool.

Margaritaville: Jarden Consumer Solutions’ and Altitude partnered to create one of the most successful new small appliance categories in the last several decades: products designed to serve as the center of great home parties. The innovative design of Margaritaville’s frozen-drink makers led to $300 million of growth.

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Thermo needed to find a new way to differentiate, grow and maintain leadership. By pivoting Thermo Fisher from technology-driven innovation to customer experience strategy, Altitude helped launch a next-generation product that redefined a category and reestablished Thermo’s leadership position.

These three Altitude clients understand that human-centric innovation leads to innovative design, more desirable products and more appealing services. And that leads to business success. Please visit our case studies page, for more stories like these.

Gretchen Hoffman

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Gretchen Hoffman

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