Getting Smart, Connected Products Right

Can you afford to be sitting on the sidelines when it comes to creating smart connected products and services? Innovation Leader surveyed 92 large companies – including Keurig, Philips and Procter & Gamble – about discovering how to uncover the right opportunities to pursue with smart connected products. The majority surveyed said they were still exploring opportunities and hammering out a strategy, while 36 percent said they’d already launched a product.

Altitude collaborated on the report with Innovation Leader. Check out the report and hear what companies had to say about:

How to identify high-potential connected product opportunities
Keys to creating a meaningful product user experience with smart connected devices
Insights into how organizations will need to change to capitalize on a smart, connected products strategy

In the report “Getting Connected Products Right: Challenges and Success Factors for Large Companies Launching IoT Products and Services” the survey results show the top ranking success factors for smart, connected products:

  • Job to be done that smart device or service solves
  • User experience/design
  • Technology platform/ecosystem that it is tied to
  • Privacy/security
  • Pricing model for the connected product or service
  • Marketing/brand name

The report also shares where large companies are investing in smart connected devices:

For more on how to be successful designing and building smart connected devices, check out the full report which includes perspectives from the smart connected experts at Keurig, Procter & Gamble and Philips to name a few.

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