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Designing in the age of IoT comes with a sophisticated set of requirements for innovators to stay mindful of. “IoT means connecting people, places and things in a meaningful way and creating great experiences,” said David Balcom, Director Digital Products at Stanley Black & Decker. And you can be sure things ARE going to be connected.

What does this mean for you? In Altitude’s recent “Innovation by Design” hangout webinar series IoT Design, Innovation and Design Thinking thought leaders shared with us their tips, tricks, and secrets for companies striving to keep products and services innovations not only updated, but looking ahead of the curve. This often requires a look to the latest technologies to address customer needs. Our expert panelists on the “Innovation By Design” hangouts came from a variety of industries. Many had a lot to say about IoT playing a key role in innovation success today.

You can read what they have to say in our new paper “Designing in the Age of IoT: IoT Experts Tell All”.

Panelists came from companies including Allegion, AT&T, American Greetings, Biogen, Bose, Cisco, Eastman, GE, IBM, LPL Financial, MIT, Nielsen, Ralph Lauren, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Stanley Black & Decker, Symmons, UnitedHealth Group, U.S. Department of State and more.

Our new paper “Designing Experiences in the IoT Age” offers a compilation of conversations with emerging tech experts who shared insight, expectations for today and predictions for tomorrow as relates designing in the age of IoT and new technologies.

This paper is broken out by:

Best Practices: Where Digital & Physical Meet in Design – This provides an overview of the space as it exists today, followed by tips to be more successful in IoT design.

Looking ahead: Designing with New Technologies in MindThis section helps to guide your organization’s IoT design and design thinking efforts, as they relate to emerging technologies.

There have been fundamental shifts from a “what we think will sell” to “discovering what the user genuinely values” – and it is hard to get started. But Tesla and Uber did not focus on the car industry, they focused on developing a solution for the mobility industry,” shared Daniel Ostrower, Altitude CEO in our hangout “Designing Experiences in the IoT Age”. And “companies need to focus on this jobs-to-be-done strategy or they won’t be able to compete anymore. IoT brings the importance of design to a whole new level.”

Rob Martens, Allegion’s Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures, says in the hangout “Smart Connected Product Design: What Works & Why”, “Don’t become infatuated with the technology for technology’s sake; be infatuated with what the technology can do for you within the product space your company is in.” He adds that when it comes to design, it’s no longer about designing a beautiful product, but designing a meaningful customer experience. “You’re establishing a long-term relationship with your customer. You’re no longer just selling a product.”

For more insightful conversation on the hangouts, get the paper for links to explore each hangout in-depth.

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