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It seems like the world is getting smaller every day; new markets are opening and the marketplace is increasingly global. However, with all of this reach and access comes more products, more services, more offerings – and more choices. We need look no further than our local supermarket which has over 35,000 SKU’s. Walmart Supercenters have over 100,000. Even with all of that reach, in a crowded marketplace a vast majority of products and services are still at parity, presenting offerings that are largely equivalent in performance and value.

But the competitive landscape continues to change, and gaining loyalty has never been more difficult. Recently some companies seem to come out of the blue, like Uber and Airbnb, and disrupt well-entrenched categories simply by providing a better experience. These new offerings win our hearts and our wallets because of the way they make us feel when we use it. That’s the heart of experience design. But to truly enable these compelling experiences, companies need to holistically orchestrate a variety of touchpoints that include:

Product Design & Development – fusing plastic, metal and electrons into strategically inspired objects that improve people’s lives with an equal dash of beauty, utility and innovation.

Digital Design – shaping technology and information with purpose into intuitive and engaging interfaces that talk to people with empathy and respect.

Brand Designconnecting companies and people, bringing brands to life by infusing their essence into everything they say and do.

Service Design – moving business beyond the world of things, seeking additional value in the realm of jobs that people need done.

You see, companies that make products think about their opportunity as a product solution. The same is true for companies that provide services. But enlightened companies think about creating and delivering compelling customer experiences. Better approaches to the identification and creation of products and services establish a competitive advantage and lead to business success. To win in today’s marketplace companies need to move from merely “making and selling” their offerings, to identifying opportunities to create and deliver compelling experiences for people.

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Tom Burchard

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Tom Burchard

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