These Companies Designed Things People Want

Bose, Colgate-Palmolive, Oster, Thermo Scientific understand how important observing and listening to the behaviors of your customers is to designing a product or service offering that consumers want and use. The user experience needs to be at the forefront of any innovative design thinking. Having empathy for what the user really needs and will use – true experience design – is central to product success.

Bose offered a streamlined design and simple installation to enhance the user experience.

Colgate-Palmolive’s position as a one-time market leader was restored to primacy with the design of a new toothbrush that reconnected with users using superior performance and outstanding ergonomics.

Oster put performance and user experience first to win back their market and transform their company.

Thermo Scientific differentiated an instrument through experience design with their new product Thermo Scientific XL5. Their first step was to reacquaint itself with the people who used and bought its products. With the introduction of the XL5, Thermo has embraced human centered design, acknowledging user experience as a critical competitive differentiator in a scientific instrument business.

By putting human centered design at the forefront of the innovation process, it has helped these companies redefine the category, reestablish a differentiated leadership in a highly competitive and commoditized market, and deliver top selling products that consumers love.

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Gretchen Hoffman

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Gretchen Hoffman

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