WiTricity: EV Wireless Charging System

Using the Industrial Design Process to Bring Wireless Charging to Life

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WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, has developed the automotive industry’s most efficient and flexible high power Electric Vehicle (EV) Wireless Charging System. They partnered with Altitude to design a charging system that provided a compelling user experience, was easy to connect to and reinforced the “pride of ownership” feeling of electric car drivers. Learn more about their experience with the industrial design process.

Witricity and Altitude designed and developed the auto industry's most efficient and flexible high powered EV - designed to give the optimal user experience.

Designing for the Eco-friendly Driver

The newly designed charger is located in a consumer’s garage and consists of a ground-resonator floor pad connected to a wall-mounted power console. The vehicle automatically charges every time it’s parked over the pad – wirelessly.

To the owner, today’s EV’s are statements of environmental responsibility. Mounted at driver’s eye level with a camera and an indicator, the wall console reminds them of this ethos every time they pull into their garage. When parking the car over the ground resonator, the camera monitors vehicle alignment while the LED indicator provides real-time positioning feedback to the driver. When parked, the indicator switches to charge status, illuminating from the bottom up as the vehicle charge level increases.

wall console 800x580

The ground resonator is the interface that wirelessly docks the vehicle to power and visually symbolizes the technology pairing. Indicators along the side provide a ground effect mirroring the charge status of the wall console. The low profile and large footprint provides an easy target, making parking alignment intuitive and easy. Its durable construction seals out moisture and can withstand being driven over.

floor mat 800x460

WiTricity is currently working with major automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to bring the next-generation of wireless EV charging to a commercial reality.Blue Altitude Logo