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Almost as soon as it was founded, San Francisco-based WIMM Labs made waves with its wearable micro-computers. But the company grappled with the question of how to bring the technology to market. Altitude guided WIMM through the process of user centered design – envisioning, testing, and refining its initial offerings.

Altitude brokered introductions to many of WIMM's sales contacts using our network of industry connections.

Making a Vision Tangible

Like many technology start-ups, WIMM Labs needed to narrow a huge range of potential application opportunities to the most promising concepts. We began by brainstorming potential market segments and pillars with WIMM’s leadership team. In doing so, we collectively articulated the company’s vision and developed an iterative process for moving forward.

Altitude then helped WIMM develop the tools necessary to test potential applications. Leveraging our experience in the medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and consumer appliance categories, Altitude explored potential use scenarios and value propositions in target areas, and also conducted technology and competitive assessments.

Conceptual Design of WIMM One

Creating Traction with Key Customers

Our conceptual designs and user stories brought target market opportunities to life, becoming a key part of WIMM’s presentation materials in sales calls. In fact, Altitude brokered introductions to many of WIMM’s sales contacts using our network of industry connections. The streamlined introduction process and ability to have concrete, visual concepts on-hand helped WIMM get quality feedback quickly and efficiently.


WIMM’s clear and compelling vision resonated with potential partners. Altitude built on this strong foundation with a series of customer-specific pitch decks and presentations. The result? WIMM gained traction with customers early on, receiving positive attention at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and winning the 2011 Under Armor Innovation challenge.Blue Altitude Logo

WIMM One Showing Time