Uvex FitLogic Protective Eyewear

Creating Competitive Advantage through Patented Breakthrough Human Centered Design

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People hate wearing safety glasses, even in dangerous environments where protecting the eye is critical and protective eyewear is mandatory. Safety products leader
Uvex wanted Altitude to create a new generation of protective eyewear that would appeal to both business clients and end-users.

Workers are not only wearing their FitLogic glasses on the job, but are also taking them home to wear recreationally.

Protecting Eyes—and Markets

Most traditional safety glasses are uncomfortable, hot, and visually unattractive. We created FitLogic Safety Eyewear, an innovative product that combines comfortable fit, functionality, and style, and subsequently generated high sales for Uvex. Workers continue to pay the ultimate compliment–they are not only improving safety compliance by wearing their FitLogic glasses on the job, but they are also taking them home to wear recreationally.

Our human centered design features a streamlined, modern design that both looks great and provides exceptional adjustability in the key zones where faces vary: the brow, nose, and temples. It meets stringent U.S. and international safety requirements for protection from projectiles and blunt striking. In addition, Altitude recommended that Uvex negotiate an exclusive license to patented manufacturing techniques in order to enable new features and provide a strong barrier to competition. This enabled Uvex to continue manufacturing its products in the United States. As a result, FitLogic Safety Eyewear not only protects eyesight, it also protects jobs.Green Altitude Logo