Optimyst Handheld Nebulizer

Redesigning a Device for Efficiency and Comfort

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The nebulizer is a giant leap forward from the standard eyedropper.  It is easier to use and gentler to the eye.  Most importantly, it is much more effective at delivering the right amount of medication, substantially reducing the risk of serious side effects. By limiting infection and other medical complications, the Optimyst literally has the potential to save lives.

I looked at a number of firms to handle development of my new medical device. Altitude, it turns out, provided the best combination of design / engineering expertise, excellent communication and documentation systems and personal attention, all at a fair price. From design "flair" to high-tech engineering prowess with attention to detail, Altitude offers the full service I needed for my program. I look forward to continuing our work with the great people of Altitude.

- James F. Collins, M.D. Facs, President, Optimyst Eye Care Systems, Llc, Medical Director, The Center For Eye Care And Optical

Creating a Remedy for Disasters

As anyone who has had to administer eye medication knows, eyedroppers can be imprecise, painful, and even dangerous. Used incorrectly, a dropper can deliver up to ten times the intended dose. When the excess drains into the tear duct, serious cardiopulmonary problems can arise, especially in the very old or young. Optimyst felt that there had to be a better way. The company came up with an ultrasonic nebulizer that could deliver a gentle spray of medication, but it needed a design that maximized the benefits of this unique, patent-protected technology. Enter Altitude.

Hand changing settings of the Opti-Myst handheld nebulizer

Customizable and Adjustable

First and foremost, the nebulizer needed to be able to distribute the exact right amount of medication. This required modulating the device’s spray. The prototype we were given was based on respiratory nebulizers like asthma inhalers, which are too diffuse for eye medication. We designed a custom nozzle with adjustable shutters to create a low-velocity, stable, cylindrical plume and to prevent contamination. Special features within the reservoir alert users if the device somehow contains the wrong medication.

Next, we had to make sure that the nebulizer could deliver the medication to the right spot, no matter who was using it—a doctor, caretaker, or patient. We chose an approach in which the user rotates the nozzle to arm the device, lighting a ring around the nozzle that aids alignment and signals readiness. The end result is a device that is almost as natural and intuitive as blinking.Altitude

Doctor Using Opti-Myst Handheld Nebulizer on a Patient