Reinventing Mr. Coffee

Product Development: Infusing New Life into an Iconic Brand

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Altitude re-invigorated Jarden Consumer Solution’s classic Mr. Coffee coffeemaker by introducing modern functionality and design while staying true to the appliance’s traditional roots. The new Mr. Coffee has charmed the existing demographic and lured a whole new generation of coffee drinkers, selling at a pace that has far exceeded expectations.

The project hinged on finding the right mix of signature elements and updated features.

Restoring an Icon to Premium Status

Introduced in 1972, Mr. Coffee was the first-ever automatic drip coffeemaker and is still one of the most highly recognized home brands. However, as competitors copied its design, Mr. Coffee became indistinguishable from dozens of other coffeemakers that were available on the market. The occasion of the product’s 35th anniversary in 2007 provided an opportunity to reinterpret Mr. Coffee, now owned by Jarden Consumer Solutions. The project hinged on finding the right mix of signature elements and updated features. So Altitude analyzed the competition, mapped the opportunities, and evaluated potential features before settling on any design concepts.

Up-to-Date Features with Vintage Appeal

Altitude product devlopment brought new functionality and dramatically improved ergonomics to Mr. Coffee, introducing features like brew programming, a silicone warming mat/cup rack, an LCD clock, and a backlit nightlight. The basic geometry of the form reverses the current trend of coffeemakers that are deeper than they are wide, not only distinguishing Mr. Coffee from the crowd but also paying homage to the original look of the product. Metal trim is a reference to the coffeemaker’s heritage. At the same time, complementary design details establish it as a contemporary product, including: coffee-colored satin finish, perforated backsplash, and stainless steel wrapped casings. This harmonious blend has been enormously appealing to consumers, establishing the 35th-anniversary Mr. Coffee as an icon in its own right.Green Altitude logo