Distinguishing a Product in a Crowded Market

  • Capabilities Used
  • User Experience
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering

Mojo, a leader in Enterprise WiFi, wanted to shake up and disrupt the Enterprise WiFi industry with exceptionally innovative, scalable and affordable solutions. Setting itself apart, Mojo’s technology and business strategy would utilize the power of the cloud to liberate networks from proprietary hardware and deliver secure, cognitive WiFi. To do this, Mojo needed a premium product to embody its new image as a smart, contemporary company whose products perform at the highest levels.

Altitude designed the award-winning Access Point for critical, high-density networks that strongly resonated with the new Mojo brand and offered unique features in the competitive market.

Finding their “Mojo”

Mojo (then Airtight Networks) engaged Altitude as part of their corporate rebranding initiative. They needed to design a flagship product in their Access Point line in order to reinforce the new brand positioning. To date, wireless access points had become highly commoditized and outdated “devices” with little regard for their appearance or function in our daily lives. With a radically new vision and a technically superior product, Mojo intended to position themselves to stand out in a crowded market by creating an entirely new image. This meant designing a fresh, elegant and premium product to complement every environment whether it be a school, hotel lobby, or corporate office.

Through the use of timeless form and proportions, we established a balanced, clean symmetry to evoke a modern stateliness. Subtle surface contouring and detailing provide a level of sophistication and humaneness to appear more like an intelligent totem and less of a technology intrusion. The result is a quiet and distinctive, yet powerful, embodiment that heralds the radically new vision for Mojo.

Delivering on the Promise

The future of WiFi requires intelligent, self-reliant access points that support high-performing, highly reliable networks without the need of antiquated controllers. Altitude’s new contemporary, more simplistic design, along with Mojo’s engineering, helped to remove the complexity, instability and high costs associated with enterprise WiFi today. The success of the Access Point C-120 and its premium design was replicated in the Access Point C-130.

The Access Point C-130 has won “New Product of the Year” and other awards for its innovative design and the value it delivers. Mojo will continue to extend this successfully designed Access Point product. Blue Altitude Logo