A Winning Customer Experience Strategy Will Win You Customers

In our recent hangout “Understanding How Design Thinkers Think” Mark Ciekso of GE shared a poignant customer journey to highlight the importance of having a winning customer strategy based on the end-to-end customer experience: The “Pediatric Adventure Series”.

This is a TED Talk where Doug Dietz of GE shared his company’s efforts at redesigning the MRI experience after seeing a little girl’s fear of having an MRI. They moved from the traditional approach of designing a new scanner to focusing first on the little girl’s experience with it – and how to improve the experience for her and other children – from the ride there, to waiting in the waiting room, to seeing the behemoth scanner, to having the scan. This led to “Pediatric Adventure Series” which was essentially putting stickers on the machine. It sounds simple – and it was, but coming to that realization would have been impossible without capturing her specific experience journey first.

Potential and current clients will search for those in your space who capture authentic customer experiences instead of imposing one to push a sale. So be sure you put your consumer’s needs at the hub. A winning customer experience strategy WILL win you customers.

Here Are Some Examples

Altitude’s Strategy team works to uncover a complete understanding of the customer experience before we build anything. They completely immerse themselves into the consumer’s environment before offering a customer strategy proposal. It’s pretty incredible how much work it takes yet more impressive at the conclusion and solutions derived.

You can see the result of some of our work here:

STEMAltitude designed a connected system for making home cocktails easy, delicious, exciting and accessible to everyone —truly a rewarding and enjoyable experience throughout. By empathizing with people, thinking “beyond the bottle” and upending conventional wisdom, we reframe the market and redefine the cocktail experience.

DRAFTMARK – Integrating design, technology, and consumer experience, together Altitude, Anheuser-Busch and Jarden Consumer Solutions, created Draftmark — a home tap system that combines the delight and enjoyment of draft beer at home – with the strategy considering from the box to the final pour. And in order for the consumers to adopt the system into their lifestyle, it had to be more than just reliable. It had to be an awesome experience. We designed the experience of the pour for an improved experience design that fulfilled consumers’ fantasies of becoming an instant bartender, and made them excited to introduce the product into their homes.

THERMO SCIENTIFIC – Customer experience strategy led to redefining the category with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Gemini Analyzer. Thermo analyzers are the mission critical tools that the military, law enforcement, and other first responders rely upon for on-site analysis to identify threats and take appropriate action immediately. They must be 100% accurate. Altitude worked closely with Thermo’s Product Managers in the process of discovery and observation. Together we sorted, sifted and analyzed to uncover latent needs and create a breakthrough experience design strategy.

For more holistic approaches to applying the right customer experience design strategy for success, check out this blog, “A Byte Out of Apple”.

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