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Growth Strategy

Creating an Internet of Things Ecosystem

Cocktails have never been trendier, but Americans don’t drink them at home. What would enable consumers to bring home a simple and meaningful cocktail experience? Altitude created a hardware, software and service concept that retains all the magic of cocktails, while overcoming all of the barriers to enjoying them at home, potentially re-fueling growth for an entire industry.

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Experience Design

Creating Experiences People Love

Integrating design, technology, and consumer experience together, Altitude, in partnership with Anheuser-Busch and Jarden Consumer Solutions, created Draftmark — a home tap system that combines the delight and enjoyment of draft beer at home, from the box to the final pour.


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Category Creation

Creating a New-Category Breakthrough to Drive Growth

Jarden Consumer Solutions partnered with Altitude to create one of the most successful new small appliance categories in the last several decades, driving unprecedented growth for Jarden, which sold over 1 million products in five years.

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Product Design

Standing Out by Differentiating in a Saturated Market

DeWalt came to Altitude to develop new areas in which they could introduce game-changing products. The DeWalt Worksite Radio sold 1.5 million units in the first year, making it the best product launch in DeWalt’s history and becoming an icon on every job site.

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Product Realization

Building a Business by Turning Technology Into a Product

Over the course of a decade, Altitude has helped Thermo Scientific PAI launch multiple products, extend their lines, and explore new business models — creating hundreds of millions of dollars of value and positioning a Fortune 500 company for growth into the future.

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