Curious and driven clients wanted.

Our competitors will talk a lot about case studies, capabilities, and process. That’s important. But we believe the key to success is a connection between client and consultant.

Finding fit is tricky. We usually start with asking these three questions:


How does your organization make decisions?

Every organization makes decisions differently. Understanding that difference is critical in moving ideas from concept to commerce. Your design innovation program, process, and deliverables need to be thoughtfully designed to fit with how stakeholders in your organization make decisions.

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Are you ready for the rough patches?

Innovation is about stepping into the unknown. It can get tense. Getting through it requires a partner with the conviction to have tough conversations and the humility to listen closely.

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How much risk are you willing to take?

All innovations efforts are not equal. Some require far greater ambition than others. Identifying the right level of risk for your organization and structuring that program appropriately is key.

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Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

Before they ever put pen to paper to help us with a product, Altitude thinks more broadly about innovation — what is the business that you’re trying to execute against, what is the real consumer job to be done? It’s a unique firm that brings that capability. 

Asoka Veeravagu
VICE PRESIDENT, New Business Development, Jarden Consumer Solutions

Altitude was the ideal partner for our recent project. It was the single largest and most complex undertaking of my career, but with Altitude’s assistance, we nailed it. They have a singular ability to deliver exactly what customers seek — innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Christopher Skully
Chief of Strategy (Former), Office of the Secretary of Defense, Military Community & Family Policy

Altitude adjusted and adapted to our organization, the company culture, and our needs. There isn’t a textbook formula for doing that. It’s hard, but it’s the key to ensuring successful innovation.  

Mike Gifford